Christmas Serving – price per. envelope 355, – kr.

A Christmas party at Café Petersburg is a guarantee of a classic Danish Christmas dinner
with everything that belongs to the specialties of the Danish kitchen.
Café Petersburg’s Christmas table is a cornucopia of culinary experiences,
see themselves menu below with your own eyes:

Herring Serving
Pickled, spiced and curry herring

Fish Serving
Warm filled fish with tartar sauce
Shrimps with mayonnaise
Smoked salmon
Smoked eel

Plenty of Christmas treats – cold & warm
Warm liver pâté with bacon
Homemade jams with beetroot
Sausage with red cabbage
Fries pork with onions and spples
Rib roast with red cabbage
Duck breast

Cheese Serving
Mild firm cheese
Extra old cheese with rum and cloud
Cheese Biscuits

Ris a l’amande

Extra – must be preordered
Black pudding 20,- per person
Lune homemade finches with beetroot 20,- per person