Pickled, seasoned or curry herring with eggs 68,- 75,-
Smoked herring with poached eggs 69,-
Fried herring in vinegar 69,-
Boiled pickled herring 69,-
“Christiansø” herring with chopped eggs and onions 75,-
Warm fillet of fish with remoulade 98,-
Warm fillet of fish with shrimps, asparagus and mayonnaise 118,-
Smoked eel with poached eggs and chives Today’s price
Smoked salmon with dill 98,-
Shripms with mayonnaise 108,-
Trouth caviar with chopped eggs, onions and sour cream 125,-
Egg and boneless herring 69,-
Egg and shrimps with mayonnaise 75,-
Liver pâte with mushrooms and bacon 69,-
“The Vet’s late sandwich” 69,-
Corned brisket of beef with pickles and horseradish 78,-
Roast beef with remoulade/tatar sauce, onions and sliced cucumber in vinegar 78,-
Potato with mayonnaise and onion 69,-
Danish meatballs with red cabbage 72,-
Warm roasted rib with red cabbage 75,-
Warm pork tenderloin steak with onions, mushrooms and fried egg on top 108,-
Tatar, raw minced prime beef with onions, capers and egg yolk 108,-
“Beef Paris”, light fried minced beef with egg yolk 128,-
Smoked leg af lamp with poached eggs 78,-
Pork roulade with jelly and onions 69,-
Ham with fried or scrambled eggs 69,-
Ham with Italian salad 69,-
Homemade chicken salad 69,-
Brie 68,-
Dana Blue 68,-
Matured cheese with rum and jelly (lard/butter) 75,-
Gorgonzola, egg yolk and toasted bread 75,-
Deep fried camembert with blackcurrant jam 68,-
Ekxtra bread with butter 20,-