Main Courses

Soup of the day   98.-
Cold Matjes herring with boiled potatoes 118,-
Omelette with ham and mushrooms (lunch only) 108,-
Omelette with bacon and chives (lunch only) 108,-
Petersborg ”Biksemad”, Fried meat, potatoes, onions and eggs 118,-
Meatballs with red cabbage and potatoes 118,-
Fried loin of pork with fried onions, mushrooms and potatoes 158,-
Fried loin of pork with Champignons á la créme (mushroom gravy) 168,-
Wienerschnitzel with pommes sautées and sweet peas 168,-
Steak of salmon with potatoes, vegetables and sauce hollandaise 148,-
English steak with fried onions, potatoes, cocumber salad and gravy 178,-
Steak of beef loin with French fries, salad and béarnais sauce 178,-
French steak with parsley butter, fried potatoes and vegetables 188,-
Pepper steak (flambé in cognac) with pommes sautées and vegetables 198,-
Today’s salad with dressing   98,-
Sauce béarnaise   20,-
French fries   55.-