CAFÉ PETERSBORG is one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen,
our history goes back to the mid 1700’s, where the building also was builded.

The Russian name, Petersborg, comes from the fact, that the Russian consulate,
once had their office in the building, and that many Russian sailors
preferably from St. Petersburg, came and ate and drank,
while they were on shore leave.

The food in CAFÉ PETERSBORG is really Danish. It has always at CAFÉ PETERSBORG,
been an honour to serv good, traditional Danish food, to a fair price.
During the years, the menu has been supplemented by individual
dishes from foreign countries, which has gradually gained ground in the Danish kitchen
and today is regarded as Danish.

Many famous Danes and foreigners have visited the restaurant.
One of the most famous is Hillary Clinton, who spent one day (March 7)
in Denmark in 1995, and chosed to eat here.